7/20 @ 10am - 2022 Teen Camp: Grains!

7/20 @ 10am - 2022 Teen Camp: Grains!

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Wednesday, July 20th


Ages 13-17

It's Day 3 of Fearless Cooking's Teen Camp, and we are turning our attention to the #1 things that novice cooks ask about: Grains! We will discuss various types of grains and the best way to cook them to retain their flavor and healthfulness. Today will be grains alllll day long. We will create and eat:

  • Rice, Quinoa and Farro
  • Veggie and Meat Grain Bowls (can be customized)
  • Rice Pudding

Fearless Teen Camp classes will show your teen the building blocks that will allow them to create in the kitchen for years to come!