Virtual Private Cooking Class

Do you have a dish that you’ve always wanted to learn how to make, but have been hesitant to give it a try? Is there a basic technique that you want to master so you never have to look up how to do it again? Let’s cook together, in YOUR kitchen and using YOUR tools!  I’ll send you a list of ingredients and tools in advance, and then at our appointment we’ll work together to create something delicious while working through any trouble spots you may have!

These classes are mainly geared toward basic cooks who are looking to up their skills *or* looking to nail a particular dish. Some ideas include:

  • Eggs 101: Learn the perfect technique to fry, poach, hard boil and scramble an egg.
  • Rice 101: Finally crack the code on making the perfect pot of rice, every time!
  • Beans 101: How to find, cook, and create new dishes with dried beans.
  • Pie Crusts: Learn the trick to having crispy, delicious pie crust every time.
  • Biscuits and What to Do With Them: Making buttery, flaky biscuits – and then turning them into sweet and savory dishes!

Please note: My skills only extend so far as I’m not a trained chef; if something is beyond my skill set, I will be the first to tell you.  Most notably: I am NOT a bread baker – even through the entire pandemic (if you can believe it!).