Let's Make You Fearless

Why are people afraid to cook? Usually, it's a lack of ingredients, time, or experience... or sometimes it's all three. 

We get that. Not everybody’s cut out to be a gourmet chef or an award-winning baker. Cooking is an exciting part of life, and we’re here to help you entertain the fact that maybe there’s nothing to fear! Because together, we can help you cook with confidence.

We keep it simple, teaching pragmatic, healthy ways to make a meal, using local ingredients whenever possible. We’ll also show you how to make quick substitutions and on-the-fly adjustments to recipes, allowing you to use things you already have in your fridge and pantry.

And what’s a confident cook without their tools? We sell a curated collection of functional cookware and products, so you don’t have to go searching for that perfect pan or the one knife that does it all.

Realize your culinary potential by signing up for class today at Fearless Cooking. We’ll be here, ready to show your uncertainty who’s boss.

Meet our fearless leader, Catherine Siebel

Catherine Siebel came to Chicago in 2000 when she was young, single and broke. She began cooking when she absolutely had to (hint: when her college meal plan ran out) and since then, has adjusted course to whatever stage of life came her way. Whether she was new to the city, newly married, busy and working, a first-time parent or a working parent, Catherine found a way to adapt her cooking style. And while this was just her personal experience, she realized in talking to close friends that others also struggled to cook, whether they never learned how or simply lacked the tools and skills to start.

The brainchild of her passion for food and for the planet, Fearless Cooking offers classes for everyday home cooks who care about environmental sustainability. So not only will Catherine teach you how to make a meal, she’ll also equip you with cookware and utensils that are high in quality and made locally or regionally from recycled materials. 

And don’t worry, an intimidating chef she is not. Catherine is ready to greet anyone who walks through her doors with a smile and the promise that she’ll get them cooking with confidence in no time.